Ability Mimicry
Ability Mimicry
Kanji 能力の擬態
Romaji Nouryoku no Gitai
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.01

Ability Mimicry (能力の擬態, Nouryoku no Gitai) is the ability of Jin Kazaragi.

Use and Limitations Edit

The ability enables the Jin to copy abilities of other Altered he has touched. According to Asura's observations, Jin can only use one ability at a time and subsequent insertions overwrites what he has previously copied. He can also freely choose to copy any ability at any given time, instead of auto-copying the first ability he comes into contact with. However, Jin needs to know how the abilities work to be able to use them efficiently. For example, not knowing the nature of Shindo's "Flower Pot Cage", Jin overused it and in return, drained much of his energy.

Known Copied AbilitiesEdit

The following are the abilities Jin has copied so far in the series:

  • Hundred Fang Blade from Tatara - ability to protrude blades from the body.
  • Watchmaker from Satoru Ida - ability to disassemble mechanical objects.
  • Space-Eater from Mika - ability to erase space.
  • Matter Absorption from Nanafushi - ability to mimic surroundings.
  • Bastet's Claw from Enki - ability to form artificial beings by using flames.
  • Flowerpot Cage from Shindo - ability to manipulate the growth of plants.
  • Deserted House from Kaito Yuuki - ability to store things within another dimensional space as well as interact with said space achieved by direct contact with the user's body.
  • Ability to manipulate the the physics of objects within a certain space from one of Dr. Soga's patient.
  • Ability to morph arms and body into humongous hulking form from one of Dr. Soga's patient.
  • Greek Tragedy from Asura of the west - ability to transmit powerful illusions of past memories belonging to both total strangers and the users own onto others.
  • King of Beasts from Gozu of the south - ability to morph into a beast with vast superhuman physicality and an adaptive healing factor which alters and strengthens ones body.
  • Shadow Play from Rio Ibuki - ability to project himself in a two dimensional realm and travel across the surface of any object just like a shadow.
  • Mind Reading from Zero - ability to read minds (hence the name suggests).