Kanji 囚人船1
Romaji Shūjin Sen 1
Volume 1
Arc Prisoner Ship Arc
Total Pages 64
Year Released March 14, 2012
Shonen Sunday Issue 2012-15
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Altered 01.Prisoner Ship 1 (囚人船1, Shūjin Sen 1) is the 1st chapter of the manga series, Area D - Inou Ryouiki.


Two brothers were standing on the streets, watching as a very bright light emerged in the middle of the city. It was reported that the said light was caused by the explosion of the brightest star of the southern hemisphere in the constellation Scorpius, as it goes into being a supernova.


The light seen in the city after the star's explosion.

The younger brother points at a man and tells his older brother that the guy is acting strangely. People walked closer to the man, asking if he's alright. The man suddenly turns into flames, engulfing the other people that surrounds him.


The effect of the man's abilities.

12 years later, a teenage-boy with his hands cuffed, asks why all of these has happened to him. As he contemplates the situation, another prisoner tells him to hurry up. Captain Kurosaki welcomes the 40 prisoners and tells them about the Prisoner Ship 303 and the reason why they were about to board that ship. The captain also informs them that they will be transported to Island D, a place where the Altered will reside.


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