Kanji 勇気の報酬1
Romaji Yūki no Hōshū 1
Volume 3
Arc Reward of Courage Arc
Total Pages 18
Year Released September 5, 2012
Shonen Sunday Issue 2012-40
Altered.19 Altered.21

Reward of Courage 1 (勇気の報酬1, Yūki no Hōshū 1) is Chapter 20 of the manga series, Area D - Inou Ryouiki.


Jin seemed reluctant to tell more about his missing brother, Rei , but Kaito insisted they were friends and it's alright for him to talk about it. However, Enki claimed she was just tagging along to have a chance of fighting Jin. Kaito then asserted he was likely "pretending to be a friend" and planned to use Jin to achieve his own goals, and vice-versa. If Jin does trust him, he will show him the ability he was hiding, subsequently, showing off a gun out of nowhere.

Enki noticed people coming and ordered them to quickly put the lights off. Suddenly, a barrage of spears came in from the window and they fled for cover. Soga asked who their attackers were and recognized it to be a certain Isobe , a member of a gang. Isobe exclaimed that they're only after Jin and revealed his group were all victims of the Lotus Flower Incident. Kaito said that Jiga was only framing up Jin, but Isobe asked why Jin didn't denied it. Kaito turned to Jin who was in tears, saying in was his fault that the incident happened. With his ability, Isobe crushed the whole building the group was in. Amidst the rubble, a sunglasses wearing member looked over and found out that they have escaped. Isobe ordered his group to go after them.

Exhausted, Satoru had gone apart from the others, and noticed someone after him...

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