Reward of Courage 2
Kanji 勇気の報酬2
Romaji Yūki no Hōshū 2
Volume 3
Arc Reward of Courage Arc
Total Pages 18
Year Released September 12, 2012
Shonen Sunday Issue 2012-41
Altered.20 Altered.22

Reward of Courage 2 (勇気の報酬1, Yūki no Hōshū 2) is Chapter 21 of the manga series, Area D - Inou Ryouiki.


A unknown pursuer draws near Satoru_Ida when two of Isobe's subordinates, Mejiro and Wall, arrived looking for him. Despite Satoru's attempts to hide, Mejiro and Wall seemed to have something up their to sleeve to find him. Finally, their chase came to an end with the two continually tormenting Satoru for standing up with the Jin Kazaragi. Just as they were about to finish off Satoru, the latter finally decided to fight back claiming Jin was never involved in any terrorist attacks. Eventually, Satoru defeated them both, however, Mejiro came out in anger and tried to pull him down. At that moment, a mysterious man wounded up Mejiro. Satoru realized this very man was his pursuer earlier.

Is he an ally or an enemy? Who's this mystery man?


Satoru Ida was uncertain whether or not someone was staring at him from afar. At that moment, two of Isobe's subordinates came, namely Mejiro and Wall. Satoru immediately hid behind a garbage dump but Mejiro located him and hurled a metal bar, causing the former to run in shock. Mejiro however claimed he won't let him escape.

Their chase led them to a power plant, which Mejiro commented that Satoru would have no problem hiding. As they walked though, Mejiro pointed on Satoru hiding above them. Wall climbed up and hit Satoru on the shoulder. Satoru wandered how they found him and was surprised to see Wall standing upside down. The latter, which was also called Van Der Walls Binding, exclaimed there is no place he can't stand and took another hit to Satoru. Mejiro showed his eyes off, and said her special eyes can see through concrete. As Wall approached, Mejiro as asked Satoru to play another "game".

Dr. Soga was shown being held up by Isobe and the rest of his subordinates. The latter appealed that Isobe to be more considerate and reasonable about his actions. Isobe assured him that he only ordered his subordinates to capture his friends except Jin, but still, ascertained that he doesn't favor those that side with terrorists.

Back at the power plant, Mejiro continue to torment Satoru whose head drenched in blood. Mejiro told Satoru that he should be aware that Lotus Flower Incident greatly affected and worsened the cruelty upon the altered. He further said that people who supports terrorists are terrorists themselves, then, smashed Satoru to the wall. After that, Mejiro picked up a metal bar and decided to finally kill Satoru, taking note that Isobe won't mind if they make it look accidental. Conversely, Satoru said that he hates having powers but Jin told he could save people with it. and Jin has nothing to do with terrorist attacks. Furthermore, he admitted he was actually thinking of a way to save his life using his ability if ever he was caught. After removing his hand bandages, he touched the handrail and destroyed the platform they were at. They all fell but Satoru was saved by the chains he tied to himself beforehand. Down at the rubble, Mejiro came out in anger and tried to pull Satoru off but was suddenly wounded by an unknown man. Satoru realized that this very man was the one staring at him earlier.

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