Reward of Courage 3
Kanji 勇気の報酬3
Romaji Yūki no Hōshū 3
Volume 3
Arc Reward of Courage Arc
Total Pages 18
Year Released September 26, 2012
Shonen Sunday Issue 2012-43
Altered.21 Altered.23

Reward of Courage 3 (勇気の報酬,Yūki no Hōshū 3) is Chapter 22 of the manga series, Area D - Inou Ryouiki.

With the sudden appearance of a mysterious man, Mejiro and Wall was completely defeated. Satoru ran in shock but was swallowed by the darkness.

Meanwhile, Kaito and Mariko were chased by Yoichi and Hikita, Isobe's other underlings. Mariko decided to hold their pursuers back to let Kaito escape, but Kaito insisted to stay. He went to fight Yoichi and Hikita head on, quite disappointed to finally reveal his power, Deserted House.

What is his trump card?


Mejiro and Wall lied amongst the wreckage due to Satoru's Watchmaker and completely wounded because of an attack of a mysterious man. Satoru ran away in shock then screamed in terror as he was scarfed up by vicious arms from the shadows.

Somewhere else, Kaito wondered whether he heard a scream but was pulled in by Mariko out of a barrage of metal arrows. Then came two of Isobe's other subordinates, namely Yoichi and Hikita. As they came close, Mariko lifted Kaito up and made their way to an abandoned building. She pummeled the pillars and blocked the entrance. Kaito complained to move about more gently, however, stunned to see a couple of arrows pierced through Mariko's body. She pulled it out saying it was nothing and grabbed Kaito away. He nonetheless said he's not comfortable seeing such things. Once out, Mariko instructed him to get away while she'll try to hold their pursuers back. Kaito asked why she'd go for all the trouble to which Mariko answered it was Soga's orders to protect them. He would have further argue with her when Kaito noticed some surgical stitches in Mariko's body. The latter insisted she won't "die a second time" as she is already and continued proceeded inside the biulding. Kaito walked away realizing she was right.

Inside, Yoichi pinned Mariko into a building post with metal arrows. She tried to pull the arrows out but Yoichi restrained her arms with another shot, exclaiming he was aware of her zombie-like ability. He asserted that she can't escape because of his ability to manipulate the metal's elasticity. Hikita went on to torture and make her tell where Kaito is using his acidic tongue. On that moment, they were all quite astonished to see Kaito arrive for Mariko's rescue. Yoichi fired arrows at him but it just likely vanished through Kaito's body. Kaito conjured two guns out of air, quite disappointed to finally reveal his powers, Deserted House.

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