A Prison's Counterattack 3
Kanji 反撃の牢獄3
Romaji Hangeki no Rōgoku 3
Volume N/A
Arc A Prison's Counterattack Arc
Total Pages 18
Year Released April 16, 2014
Shonen Sunday Issue 2014-20
Altered.73 Altered.75

A Prison's Counterattack 3 (反撃の牢獄3, Hangeki no Rōgoku 3) is Chapter 74 of the manga series, Area D - Inou Ryouiki.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Bingam Kakuta being hurt by the flames that where created by the unknown Ubermench's power, fights along side Jin Kazaragi against an unknown Ubermench, code name Bibliophile. After Bingam manages to get Jin out of the way and away from the Bibliophile, Jin is attacked by a dog which seems to sprout from a book. This shows us further insight as to the Bibliophile's abilities, that rather than solely the ability to cause fire he can create anything after he has written it out on one of his special sticky notes. After a short battle between Jin and The Bibliophile Bingam comes to Jin's aid utilizing porn magazines to distract the Bibliophile.

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