Bingam Kakuta
Biographical Information
Kanji: Kakuta
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Wife (divorced)


Jin Kazaragi

Power: None
Occupation: Prison Guard
Manga Debut: Altered.72

Bingam Kakuta is former Prison Guard who allies with Jin Kazaragi.

Appearance Edit

Kakuta appears to be in his thirties. He is very muscular man with clean shaven head, brown eyes and goatee beard. Kakuta is usually seen with gray t-shirt, camouflage pants and black military shoes.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Before joining prison guards Kakuta used to work in military and lived with wife and son. Later he was fired because of depression (possibly due to divorce) and while searching how to earn money (to support his son) his former friends in marines offered a job at PMSC's. It is stated that Kakuta hasn't seen his son for over half a year.

Plot Edit

A Prison's Counterattack Arc Edit

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At The Tower of Judgement Arc Edit

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