Dry Ice Arrow
Dry Ice Arrow
Kanji ドライアイス許可
Romaji Dorai Aisu Kyoka
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.17

Dry Ice Arrow (ドライアイス許可, Dorai Aisu Kyoka) is the ability of Tera.

Use and LimitationsEdit

Tera can create arrows of dry ice made from the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The ice arrows forms in the air in a circular motion, then, Tera can hurl it like spears and freeze any object upon contact. Tera has shown to make multiple arrows at once and claimed he can produce as many as he want as long as there is carbon dioxide available in the air. He has can also form it in an exceptional speed as when he attacked Kaito when the latter interrupted his conversation with Jin. Arrows also freeze materials upon contact and create spike-like proportions from dry ice.