Greek Tragedy
Greek Tragedy1
Kanji ギリシャ悲劇
Romaji Girisha Higeki
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.11

Greek Tragedy (ギリシャ悲劇, Girisha Higeki) is the ability of Asura.

Use and Limitations Edit

The nature of Asura's ability projects mental illusions recived from a form of radio receptive telepathy gleaned from the memories of those moments away their deaths. When Asura activated her powers, her right eye emitts a spark of light and then her victims are caught in a nigh inescapable vision of said victims last hours preceeding their untimely demise. Which ranges from being submerged in black water and drowning, beeing run over by a truck accident, getting blown to pieces by tank fire or even falling hundreds of feet from a tall building just before hitting ground level. The only thing is that the illusions are so powerful that the recipitant can't distinguish dream from reality and whatever happens to them within the nightmare fantasy happens in reallife most are unable to break the hold of it by their lonesome.

The faults that come with said grizzly dellusions are that the user can't shut off their own telepathy and are stuck constantly viewing the horrific finalities that others suffer from. Asura also can't cast her power's effects without being within her viewing range, unless she can establish visonary aligenment with said targets she wishes to effect her projected dream is negated. Also her illussion can't and won't effect individuals who lack a peculating brain capacity such as a sentient cadaver like Mariko.

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Trivia Edit

  • Greek Tragedy is a form of theatre from Ancient Greece and Asia Minor.