Hundred Fang Blade
Hundred Fang Blade
Kanji 百ファングブレード
Romaji Hyaku Fangu Burēdo
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.01

Hundred Fang Blade (百ファングブレード, Hyaku Fangu Burēdo) is the ability of Tatara.

Use and Limitations Edit

Hundred Fang Blade allows to user to conjure and transform parts of their body into blades of varying sizes either sprouting large, single blades for both arms or sprouting multiple variant blades in scattered session from one or the other. Weilders are able to control the sizes of the blades at will and use it for various purposes. For example, one can shrink and increase lengthen the blades to strengthen his jabs or kicks. The blades are sharp enough to cut the steel easily.

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