King of Beasts
Gozu's Ability
Kanji 獣の王
Romaji Jū no Ō
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.11

King of Beasts (獣の王) is the ability of Gozu.

Use and LimitationsEdit

Gozu can mutate his body into a physically adapt man-beast with a superhuman condition; ranging from enhanced strength, speed, dexterity, balance, endurance, durability, Claws & Fangs, ect. coupled with a reactive adaption based regenerative healing factor, meaning the parts of his body damaged in battle not only recover but also toughen into denser substances as well as causing spontanious alteration creating new appendeges and bodily functions for better physical reinforcement and capability such as horns, elbow blades or tendrils. As he continues to mutate Gozu himself becomes tougher, faster, stronger and more brute like in apperence the more he fights, i.e. the harsher his battle the more powerful he'll become to match while in combat.

Some of the downsides to these aspects, however, stem from more of a mental fault. As Gozu continues to fight and his beast form continues to adapt and evolve in other dynamic variants, the unique chemical makeup of his brain becomes less and less effective at keeping the animalistic instincts of his beast form in check. Slowly turning him into a mindless, voracious monster ruled only by feral impulses.