Biographical Information
Kanji: ミカ
Rōmaji: Mika
Physical Description
Gender: Female

Jin Kazaragi
Kaito Yuuki

Power: Space-Eater
Manga Debut: Altered.03
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Mika (ミカ, Mika)


Mika is a young girl between the age of 7 - 10. She is small and petite in stature. She has long, straight black hair and brown eyes. She wears black shoes, violet & purple striped stockings a short purple & blue plaid skirt and a pink-purple sweatervest over a white longsleave dress shirt with a purple bow under the collar. She also has piglett shaped earmuffs.


Mika is a young girl who was emotionally traumatized by a warden on the Prisoner Transport Ship, The Warden locked her up as an executioner in The 3rd Closing Cell Division. The cell earned paranormal status when prisoners put in there vanished (because of Mika's space eaters). Jin found her when he was put in the cell and comforted her as she cried and told him her story, Jin told her that she was not a monster, she was human. After meeting and bonding with Jin, she developed a strong attachment to him, Jin acts like her big brother (and Mika like his little sister) and Mika is often seen perched on his shoulder or hiding behind his legs, clinging to the leg of his pants. Mika sees Jin as her savior and in turn, gets defensive and jealous when others whom she dislikes get too close to him (such as Rio and the Area D Rabbit mascot).

She seems to also get on well with Satoru and Kaito but prefers the company of Jin. She is fairly unskilled in combat due to her age and time locked away, having only to consume prisoners with Space Eaters and not show herself but nevertheless she controls her Space Eaters well. Often she gets scared in battle (being so young) and panics without Jin's support and reassurance. 



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Space-Eater (スペースイーター, Supēsu Ītā) Mika's ability revolves around creating spheres that makes anything within, even air, disappear into another dimension, thus the name. By snapping her fingers, Mika deploys the space-eaters which then distorts and inverts the affected area. It can be in varying sizes with the biggest shown so far was almost fifteen times the size of an average human. Mika was also able to hide herself in the void to ensure safety or give her the element of surprise against opponents. Even so, she claims that she can only deploy three space-eaters at the same time while Enki also stated she has a limited range. However, even Kidou, one of Area D's feared and respected territorial leaders, was surprised at the amount of destruction a girl as young as Mika was able to cause. She can use her ability in combat in various ways. One of them is incapacitating her opponents by removing their body parts into her alternate dimension - for example, "eating" away their legs so they can no longer stand. She can also remove sections of buildings and other structures, causing them to collapse on her opponents. 


Jin Kazaragi: Jin Saved her from her isolated life as the Prison Ships Executioner. Mika is incredibly fond of him and the two share a strong brother - sister bond. She will go looking for Jin if he is not around and panics when he is not there to support her in battle, she is abit protective over him (and he very protective of her) and gets jealous when girls approach him. She made a promise with Jin not to use her ability in "absurd fights" like when she made Rio's head dissapear when she got too close to Jin.

Dr Soga: Soga is fairly easy going until someone includes a child in a fight, because of this he has a soft spot for Mika.

Rio: Mika and Rio have a 'Tolerant' relationship that is strained at times. when Rio gets close to Jin, or tries to go somewhere with Jin without Mika, Mika often responds by sending off angry "auras" that put Rio off, for she dosent want her head lost again. Rio often calls Mika "Chibi Brat."

Satoru and Kaito: Mika shares a team-mate relationship with Kaito and Satoru based on mutual trust. She has had no conflicts with either of them and seems to think of them as good friends.


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