Moonlight Judgement
Kanji 月触審判
Romaji Getsushoku Shinpan
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.12

Moonlight Judgement (月触審判, Getsushoku Shinpan) is an ability of Mr. Butler.

Use and LimitationsEdit

Moonlight Judgement allows to user reverse the relationship between shadows and the bodies casting them. He uses his abilities with different styles.

  • Shadow Stitching (影縫い, Kage Nui): First form of Moonlight Judgement. Mr. Butler is able to, with great accuracy, throw elegant darts into shadows on surfaces, thus "stitching" the shadow to the ground, along with the body casting it. Once stitched, the body casting the shadow cannot move as long as the shadow remains pinned under the dart. A weakness to this technique is that if the pinned shadow gets moved away from the dart pinning it (possibly due to changing light angles), the stitching is disabled. The darts have rose-like figures at the ends, a design that fits with Asura's greek tragedy theme.
  • Second form of Moonlight Judgement. Mr. Butler was seen sinking into his shadow on the ground, as if phasing through the floor. It should be noted that this technique seems extremely similar to Rio Ibuki's "Shadow Play".


  • It is the only ability which has two different forms.

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