Operation Start
Operation Start
Kanji 動作開始
Romaji Dousa Kaishi
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.13

Operation Start (動作開始, Dousa Kaishi) is the ability of Soga.

Usages and LimitationsEdit

This ability enables Soga to transform his arms and fingers into medical equipments such as syringes, surgical knives, tubes, etc. He can heal by putting in his modified arm into a patient'a body. He is able to cause uncontrollable transformation-type altereds to revert back to normal or inject potent anesthetics to sedate enemies. His power is strong enough to heal nearly dead humans or altereds. When he uses his power to already dead people such as Mariko, he reanimates his patient and turns it to emotionless zombie with extraordinary physical strength.

Known Reanimateds Edit