Rio Ibuki
Biographical Information
Kanji: イブキ・リオ
Rōmaji: Ibuki Rio
Alias: Shadow Play Rio
Wall-Passing Woman
Physical Description
Gender: Female

Jin Kazaragi
Satoru Ida
Kaito Yuuki

Power: Shadow Play
Occupation: Altered, Area D management staff
Affiliation: Jin's group, Area D
Manga Debut: Altered.01
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Rio Ibuki (イブキ・リオ, Ibuki Rio) is an young altered girl working for the Area D management. Her power is Shadow Play giving her the ability to project herself in a two dimensional realm and travel across the surface of any object. It was hinted that she had feelings for Satoru

Appearence[edit | edit source]

Rio's is a petite young girl. Her hair is pink, tied on by bands on both sides of her ears. Her bangs have been cut somewhat reminiscent of a bowl on her head, though they look natural curving in a crescent shape. She often sports a jet black school girl outfit traditional to that of Japan when clothed. Her most notable features include her incredibly round and smaller rose eyes. Her nose is smaller and rounded, as are her lips, often seen in a smile.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Rio can appear childish and coy, often baiting others into doing her bidding. She pops in and out of conversations using her Shadow Play ability, and is difficult to read by others. Only she alone knows her true motives. She is secretive, but friendly towards her allies (Jin and the group) while she can be very hostile in a confrontation. She appears to be very comfortable with herself both mentally and physically, often found phasing through walls in the face of her allies naked. She seems to have an admiration for the way Jin fights, but knows when he has backed himself into a corner, always thinking a move in advance. It is unknown whether she is truly herself when she is with the prisoners or when she is with the Area D management staff.

History[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Prisoner Ship Arc[edit | edit source]

Gate D Arc[edit | edit source]

SuperPower District Arc[edit | edit source]

Invisible Chains Arc[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Shadow Play.png

Shadow Play (シャドープレイ, Shadō Purei) Rio can project herself in a two dimensional realm and travel across the surface of any object (walls and human skin, for example) just like a shadow, hence the name. It seems she cannot extend her powers to objects as she is seen naked when she uses it. Also, when she travels off of human skin, enough force is applied to knock someone to the ground.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Rio is a member of the Area D management staff, but chooses to live among the prisoners. She appears to be an ally of Jin and his group, but does not get involved in fights and usually leaves the scene when fights break out. It is unknown yet if her goal is only to observe the prisoners, or if there are other reasons why she is part of Jin's group.

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