Shadow Play
Shadow Play
Kanji シャドープレイ
Romaji Shadō Purei
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.01

Shadow Play (シャドープレイ, Shadō Purei) is the ability of Rio.

Usage and LimitationsEdit

Rio can project herself in a two dimensional realm and travel across the surface of any object (walls and human skin, for example) just like a shadow, hence the name. It seems she cannot extend her powers to objects as she is seen naked when she uses it. Also, when she travels off of human skin, enough force is applied to knock someone to the ground.


  • By many other characters, it is called phasing, because they don't know the exact powers of Rio's ability.
  • One of the Klein Sisters uses similar ability to hide themself in a painting. However, unlike Rio the sister can use her ability on other persons or clothings.