Kanji スペースイーター
Romaji Supēsu Ītā
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.03

Space-Eater (スペースイーター, Supēsu Ītā) is the ability of Mika.

Use and LimitationsEdit

Mika's ability revolves around creating spheres that makes anything within, even air, disappear into another dimension, thus the name. By snapping her fingers, Mika deploys the space-eaters which then distorts and inverts the affected area. It can be in varying sizes, biggest shown so far was almost fifteen times the size of an average human. Mika was also able to hide herself in the void to ensure safety or give her the element of surprise against opponents. Mika, on the other hand, claims she can only deploy three space-eaters at the same time Enki also stated she also have a limited range. However, even Kidou , one of the feared and respected territorial leaders of Area D , was surprised by the amount of destruction a girl as little as Mika was able to cause. She can use her ability in combat in various ways. One of them is incapacitating her opponents by removing their body parts into her alternate dimension - for example, "eating" away their legs so they can no longer stand. She can also remove sections of buildings and other structures, causing them to collapse on her opponents. Everything transfered into other dimension slowly disintegrates and eventually disappears.