Kanji 時計師
Romaji Tokei Shi
First Appearance
Manga Debut Altered.01

Watchmaker (時計師, Tokei Shi, literally meaning of "Dismantling") is the ability of Satoru Ida.

Use and Limitations Edit

Satoru's ability, Watchmaker, allows him to disassemble or unmake any object he comes in contact with. However, his lack of control over his ability caused him to temporarily seal his power by bandages due to a incident in his past. His ability affects any object he come in contact with by touch, regardless of its size. He is able to use his ability on living and nonliving objects, like when he opened up the locked container Jin was in and broke apart the walls of the prisoner ship or when he accidentaly unmade his mother scarring him from using his ability on any living object.

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  • The name of the ability, Watchmaker, was suggested by Kaito.